Concrete​ Paint Or Stain

There are two schools of thought in regards to concrete stain and paint.
On one side, you have people who love stain. They say it’s the only way to beautify concrete. Then, on the other side, you have the people who love paint.

They claim paint is the best option for dressing up concrete. Before you can decide which option is best for
you, you need to look at the real differences between the two.

The biggest difference between concrete stain and paint is
how they cover concrete. When you use indoor or outdoor concrete paint, it stays right on top of the concrete, where it provides a layer of protection. This opaque paint comes in various colors, allowing you to choose a color scheme for your concrete.

On the other hand, stain actually soaks into the concrete. When it permeates the concrete, it creates a unique look that you can’t achieve with opaque paint. For instance, SunAcid is a reactive acid stain that reacts with the salts and minerals in the concrete. The end result is a translucent mottled look that is impossible to create with

Both stain and paint are good options for indoor and outdoor concrete. Weigh your options and then choose the one that is right for your needs and the Team at Mikrobiss Painting they will apply it for you!

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